1.5 Degrees of Concern showing at ‘Rule 42 Stretched Language’ exhibition at the Bonita Museum and Cultural Center, California

This month, 6 Nov to 3 Dec ’21, visitors to the Bonita Museum and Cultural Centre near San Diego can see an interactive art and sound installation, 1.5 Degrees of Concern, which I worked on in collaboration with Kristine Diekman, Professor of Art, Media and Design at California State University, and Lisa Mansfield, conservator at the Art Gallery of New South Wales.

Part of the exhibition Rule 42: S t r e t c h e d  L a n g u a g e : Explorations into Visual and Mathematical Poetry, 1.5 Degrees of Concern is an international collaboration that embraces conversations between three women living on separate continents during global climate crises. The artwork is anchored by three modified or hacked books that incorporate interactive audio narratives which visitors access through exploring tactile interfaces which trigger the sounds through proximity. My contribution focusses on East Anglia’s changing coastline as sea level rises, with sound design referencing the 1953 North Sea flood disaster and more recent floods. Kristine’s narrative is set in a drought-ridden Southern California of 2053 and Lisa’s speculative narrative is set in an iced-over Australian desert in 2153.

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