Mike Davies Innovation Scholarship

I’m really excited to have been awarded the Mike Davies Innovation Scholarship for my project When We Touch Again.

When We Touch Again is a participatory art project promoting community and wellbeing through bringing students together online to create interactive glass objects which generate audio stories when touched.   It develops from my PhD research on crafting tactile interfaces using glass, conductive materials and electronics to trigger sound or video.

When We Touch Again is part of an international collaboration between myself and artists Kristine Diekman, Lisa Mansfield and Laura Nova working in the US, Mexico and Australia, facilitating international participants in story creation activities and crafting tangible interactive interfaces made from foraged glass, embroidered textiles, and conductive paints and threads.

Make Live project

I’m excited that after it was postponed due to Covid, I will be starting the first phase of Make Live, an interactive art project based on local heritage funded by EEGS. Before Christmas we’ll be kicking it off with ‘paper circuits’ with students at Roman Hill Primary School in Lowestoft and progressing to interactive paintings in the Spring.

GAS virtual conference

I am looking forward to attending the Glass Art Society’s (Virtual) Conference starting tomorrow, 21 -23 May 2020, taking place online instead of in Sweden, due to Covid. There are live demos and recorded presentations and panel discussions alongside online exhibitions. Events are free to join here GAS vituaI conference

I produced two of the video presentations, which are launched on 22 and 23 May. A short one about the development of my Jeopardy and Stateless Vessel artworks. (I was meant to present a research poster in Sweden, but was asked to produce a video version instead, which was an interesting challenge). The second video was for glass artist Angela Thwaites for her presentation ‘Miniature/monumental:Digital/physical approaches to cast glass sculpture’. Putting it together under lockdown conditions meant editing from video clips she sent from her phone and a soundtrack constructed of Zoom audio recordings. We were pleased with the result and it is faschinating to hear Angela talk about her processes and practice.